Ferdouse Khaleque is a passionate writer with a keen interest in arts, technology and the sciences. This led him to write books including his latest publication, Blue, the ancient rock. A science fiction story that he had always felt compelled to write from a young age.

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Ferdouse Khaleque

Ferdouse obtained his PhD in Electronics Engineering from Imperial College, London in 1990. He has worked as a senior consultant in the most respected companies in the world here in Great Britain and the USA.

Through his intense research and mindset he has expanded into many branches of science, engineering, computers, software including the arts. He is very much a hands on person and has written numerous software applications and started many entrepreneurial start ups.

Using his worldly knowledge coupled to his creative sense of the arts, he has been able to write books in various genres. His other main passion includes drawing and painting, where he has developed a drawing application called Paintology which is freely available on the Google and Amazon play store.

You can reach Ferdouse through his website (coming soon) or from the contact page of

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Intelligent and an epic read!

Being a fan of great sci-fi novels, I thought works of great masters like Arthur C Clarke, Asimov could not be topped. This book, Blue, the Ancient Rock has completely changed my mind!

Ferdouse takes you on a believable journey that is filled with twists and turns and will surely enlighten you. He may have created a whole new genre. Waiting for Netflix to pick up this great novel.

D Daniels


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