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It is the year 2186

Blue, the ancient rock originating from a solar system light years away was heading towards earth. It had the whole world on its knees as they battled to deflect it from the direction of the earth’s path.

A previous attempt to send an unmanned ship to strike the rock showed a shift in its direction but it quickly transpired that it had regained its original trajectory towards earth. Was Blue harboring dark secrets or was it just another asteroid gone astray?

Earth had one last option and that was to send a spacecraft to meet this monster head on. On board the spacecraft were fusion arrays capable of sending the moon off its orbit. Can Dave Challice and the IRG (international rapid group) on earth succeed in preventing the total annihilation of the human species?

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About the author

Ferdouse Khaleque

Ferdouse Khaleque is a passionate writer with a keen interest in arts, technology and the sciences. This led him to write books including his latest publication, Blue, the ancient rock. A science fiction story that he had always felt compelled to write from a young age.