Why are bluetooth devices so awkward to use?

I am not sure if I speak for many of the readers when I say that I have had hit or misses when it comes to pairing bluetooth devices.


bluetooth devices from china

Bluetooth devices can be a bugger to get working


Bluetooth has been around for a fairly long time and it was back in 2004 that I actually purchased one of the miniature headset that are in large supply today. So the other day, I decided to purchase one of these cheap headsets for literally under $5 from ebay. The first one I ordered was a tiny unit that simply sits inside your ear and of course it has a tendency to fall off.


I was able to pair this device to my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fairly easily and it wasn’t too long I was listening to some youtube channels through the headset. However, the sound from the thing was very faint so I thought it would be a useful device that I can keep in my ear and listen in the background whilst I do work. However, since the device had a tendency to fall out of my ear, I thought I would check another one out that could stay in my ear. I forked out another one for just a shade under $5 and this one had a hook that wraps around the earlobe and stop it from falling.


I was very surprised that the second unit that had supposedly come all the way from China took just 7 days to arrive. I was creating all kinds of scenarios in my head as to how they did that ie. passenger planes – throw it in with the other bags, freight planes etc. Still I was dumbfounded as to how they can possibly offer free shipping with the unit priced under $5. This would be almost unheard of if you go back 20 years and probably told never in a million years.


I still have to figure out how you can ship one item with next to nothing all the way from China. However, I do have a hunch that there is one operator who takes shipments from all the distributors and puts them into a larger shipment and is able to offer the cost savings to the distributors. Anyways, I am sold in buying from China and I already have a few more items coming from there. After all, Apple has its stuff made in China and so far I have been happy with the smaller items from China and ready to order some higher purchase items. Call me a traitor but it beats the prices you get here in the US.


So going back to the subject of bluetooth devices, I found that keyboards are even more difficult to pair. Apple surprisingly does makes very easy task of this affair with couplings of the mouse and keyboard, but maybe it doesn’t use bluetooth, I would need to check. As I am exploring the bluetooth devices ie. configuring, uninstalling, reinstalling, pairing and unpairing, I expect to have useful information for my readers on upcoming posts.


Stay tuned for more!

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