Watercolor – a fluid medium that allows great effects

I often go to youtube to find out new techniques and ways that other painters use to create their works of art. Recently, I stumbled upon an instruction that showed a young lady painting a night galaxy scene. It was very good to watch and if it was not for the sale in Michael’s craft store on a Windsor watercolor set, I probably would not have dabbled in watercolors myself. I will show a few of my initial paintings below, but first I wanted to talk about this great medium.


Watercolor is not often the choice for great works of art. They usually come in the form of oils or acrylics but it does make you wonder? Nevertheless, the effects that one can derive from watercolors are simply amazing and I would encourage any artist to try it, if they have not done so already. What adds to the complexity of this medium is that the way you apply the paint is determined by the amount of moisture and retention in both the canvas and the paintbrush. I know this, because I practiced over 40 paintings in the space of 3 hrs or so, however, the painting canvas was of a postcard size for frugality’s sake.


There were two artists that caught my eye in youtube and you can see their tutorials below:


Untamed Little Wolf:


Steven Cronin:


They both have different styles, but the way they manipulate the watercolor shows good mastery of this technique. Steven Cronin uses a larger canvas and flat wider brush and in his tutorial above shows how to create waves crashing into shore with just dabbing of the tissue. The tutorial by Untamed Little Wolf shows the dazzling effect of the night sky that can be obtained with paint on a toothbrush and using a flicking motion. Of course there is more to the painting than just these techniques to create the whole composition. As I mentioned earlier, the understanding of the consistency of the paint, the moisture level on the canvas are crucial to getting the overall composition and takes practice.


As usual, I practice a lot when I am painting and this is usually through a subject that I become captivated by. Some of these subjects included ‘lake scenes’, ‘tigers’ and would you believe ‘barbed wires’, all done using acrylics and pastels. In the same token, I decided that I would just focus my attention on drawing the dramatic skies that watercolors can produce. As I was drawing the skies, I noticed that near the bottom, I would enhance the shapes to create some ideas of land, mountains or seas. Currently, I am working with a new subject ‘planets’ and have attempted to mix watercolor with acrylics to get the desired effects. I am happy to say that after about 40 attempts, I think I am getting the effects that I am looking for. But more on this on a later post, but her are the paintings from the watercolors that I did as a first stab. Please don’t be too critical 🙂


watercolor-paintings by Ferdouse

watercolor attempt – first time – Aug2015

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