Ultra 4K TVs at such affordable prices – just wait another year

It’s just incredible but not many people are talking about the prices of Ultra 4K displays that seemed to be so cheap. Compared to prices of a year ago, the prices of Ultra 4K displays are about half or less for the same screen size. This fall in price is very surprising if you compare the prices of displays over the last ten years. It just seems that in the space of 1 year, we see such a drop in price suggests to me that there is more to come.

4K displays gotten cheaper

Ultra 4K TVs at most affordable prices than ever before! courtesy image – weebly.com

Samsung reported great result in it’s last quarter for the demand for LED displays and and this could be an indicator of where this market is heading. If you don’t believe me about the drop in prices, just go online to Walmart, Amazon and other places to see the prices of 4k displays between 55 inch and 75 inch. They almost compare to the prices of last years 1080 displays if not even lower. The price of the displays seem to get lower as you go up in price.


From economics, we know that the price is a reflection of the demand so we can argue that the demand for such high resolution displays have increased and hence the cheaper prices. But here is the oddity in all this. The content for 4K displays is still sparse to say the least, so what is eking this huge demand for these types of displays? Could it be that people have become smarter in their understanding of displays, for example, moving from 720p to 1080p took several years for that transition to happen. Quite simply people would be rather go hungry then to have a large 720p display in their living rooms, it’s just not the case today. Could it be that people have suddenly awakened to the fact that if they did make a large investment in a display, make sure that it will likely last a decade or two and not just change it every few years?


Whatever the reason, we cannot argue this heavy demand for these ultra high resolution displays. It’s very possible that the manufacturing costs by companies for these displays have gone down significantly. Think about all the displays for smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. This could have been the technology driver where benefits of this technology filtered into those displays.


To summarize, all I can tell you is that these display will likely become half of what they are in the holiday period of December 2016. If you can wait out that long, I would encourage you to wait then for the purchase. If for some reason my prediction did not come true, you can call me up and ask for the difference but then again, you can pay me the difference if it is less than half. Somehow, I don’t think the latter will see many readers flocking to my door.

Now to see if I can find some hedge funds for displays…

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