The word honor used in the right context

The other day when I was in the US Post Office I saw a bunch of greeting cards inside their store which they were selling for about $3 a piece and the quality didn’t seem all that bad. There was one card that caught my eye and as I read through it, immediately another word popped into my head instead of ‘Honor’. Here is how the card reads…



the ones who work


and give


are the quietest

— about —

what they’ve done.


That’s called


The actual card, which I took a picture off is shown below…

US post office greeting card - Honor

US post office greeting card about Honor


The message is very striking and forthright but I think a better word than Honor would have been more appropriate. I feel the word Honor is more appropriate in the language of military service and other very high esteem positions. But for all of us who want to learn from the act of working hard and remaining quiet, ‘humility’ would be a better choice of word. In reality, people go through life in this fast paced world and many folks are simply loud and want to be heard over others. There are a few, thankfully remaining, who measure their abilities and standards by their own actions and sets high standards for themselves. These are people in my opinion who may not be all high achievers in life but having an inner trait which is inner peace and happiness. If you measure your worth by the eyes of others, you will zig-zag through life and your purpose and the goals are governed by others and the society you live in and interact with. You truly achieve greatness when you have that sense of inner value and purpose.


Although the message is very striking and forthright in the greeting card, the usage of the word ‘Honor’ could be more colloquially used such as ‘Having Honor’. The word Honor signifies a sense of altruism and greatness in the eyes of others and is not a reflection of the actual qualities of an individual which is talked about here. It is something when you want to move masses of people with a sense of national pride such as in the military and the servicemen of our country.


Anyways, it’s just my opinion, but personally I would use more appropriate terms such as ‘Humility’ which is a actually an internal definition of the individual in question here and thus echoes a sense of empathy from others.


Here are the definitions for Honor:

If you were to look up the word in Google, you will get meanings and definitions as follows..

high respect, esteem

a privilege

regard with great respect


Here are the definitions of Humility:

the quality of not thinking that you are better than other people; the quality of being humble

more info from the link below…


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