The Coronavirus saga in the UK.

The Coronavirus saga in the UK.

The Coronavirus saga in the UK. Loading

Update: 27th March, 2020 It was an overall very upsetting day for everyone around the world. The pandemic has grown to proportions where there is no sign of slowing down. USA has more cases than China and Italy, Spain and Germany have shown an increase in the number of deaths from the previous day. UK […]

Update: 27th March, 2020

It was an overall very upsetting day for everyone around the world. The pandemic has grown to proportions where there is no sign of slowing down. USA has more cases than China and Italy, Spain and Germany have shown an increase in the number of deaths from the previous day. UK also witnessed the largest number of daily deaths, indicating the continued upwards trend.

Both the UK prime minister and the health secretary have been tested with the virus and have remained in isolation. This comes at the most critical time when UK is bracing for the toughest challenges to the medical resources to tackle COVID-19. You probably know that I have been squealing for sometime at the lack of actions by the UK Govt. It came as no surprise when I learnt that my nephew who had returned to the hospital after his 12 days absence told me some grave stories. The NHS is short of essential test and protective gear due to the delays by the Govt in ordering them. There is chaos at the hospitals where patients of untested COVID-19 are being placed next to each other. Doctors are having to make decisions with whom to give critical care first and let other’s expire due to the overstretched resources.

The future looks bleak for both UK and US where the urgency of the matter was not taken as seriously as many had been saying. China has been at a stage where they had overcome their battle with the virus. Being a country where it can fire up manufacturing at a large scale, the British or US Govt did not take opportunity to seek their help. It is only now they are thinking of getting this help. I think USA with Trump at the helm contemplated this epidemic to be much like the fake climate control activist. However, there is and no reason for Boris Johnson to step up to the plate earlier than he had done. Maybe the same complacency that this will pass UK or an academic strategy that sounds good in the boardroom but not on the battlefield. Whatever it maybe, they have failed in their duties and now trying to play catch up. I am ashamed to be in this country where I see other countries such as African and Asian nations taking on much tougher stance and doing everything they can to acquire the proper gear.

Update: 26th March, 2020

Unfortunately, the numbers coming out of the European are not looking good. Spain and France reporting its highest increase of the deaths from the virus and Italy reporting another gain in deaths. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, New York is becoming the epicenter of the USA crisis with almost half the reported cases of virus compared to the rest of USA. It is expected to be the next biggest epicenter of the virus in the coming days.

In UK, there is much frustrations among the medical professionals on the lack of equipment to provide the medical care needed for patients of the virus. The story is similar over in New York.

Some researchers are predicting that the no of infected cases can be as much as half the UK population. This is staggering but probably explains how quickly the virus has spread. If you take into account that 80% may have contracted this virus and have shown mild symptoms that was overcome in a matter of days, you can imagine this number to be true. Remember the reported cases are only cases that have been admitted into the hospitals for urgent care. It is sad that some patients are now dying in the waiting room as reported by one journalist.

The Japanese TV channel NHK gave a very interesting take into how the virus can get transmitted in closed groups. The tests were conducted with real people and having detectors monitor the micro-droplets of the mucus that people gave out when they coughed. They also found that people who spoke in close proximity can also transmit the virus. See the figures below.

Micro-droplets through coughing and even talking can spread the virus.

Also, it was found that in some patients who had an advanced stage of the virus were administered the drug Alvesco. They found surprisingly the patients managed to recover.

Some drugs that can alleviate the symptoms of the virus used in Japan.

Update: 25th March, 2020

9:00 am

Today I woke up to the Good Morning Britain show with Piers Morgan and guest. They had a health worker appear on the show (via online) reiterating what I have been saying along. She said that we had four months to prepare for this pandemic when the virus had took foot in China. Yet, nothing was done, even when it started hitting Italy. Piers said afterwards there will be inquests to their deaths meaning consequences of decisions that led to their deaths. I would encourage this as this will prevent another disaster if we should go through a similar crisis in the future.

The subject of ‘keyworkers’ and non-essential workers are vague within the decision makers and so how do they expect the public to follow this? I have always said that vague messages like this will give people wrong ideas with regards to the danger that this virus brings. This stems back from Govt reluctance to close the schools and then introduce this farcical ‘keyworkers’ category which nobody can tell you exactly what this means.

Update: 24th March, 2020

6:00 pm

Today another specialist in viral sciences was explaining how the ‘herd immunity’ was a dangerous path to handling this virus. This was due to the lack of information about the ‘antibodies’ that were built to fight this virus and whether the virus could reappear. There wasn’t sufficient data to warrant such a move as this would prove catastrophic to the spread of the virus.

herd-immunity explained and how it is untested and completely the wrong approach.

So I say again, the Govt has spent a whole week putting forward this untested approach to the mass audience while they should have been doing what I have been saying all along. Get testing gear out the door and get as much info from the countries that have overcome the virus or controlled it.

2:00 pm

The glimmering hope that Italy may have gone past the peak case maybe too early to tell as there was a rise in the reported deaths today. Spain has reported 500 deaths today which is the highest.

On another note Trump is telling people that they will be soon be on a recovery in the next week or so. Such false hopes brings about a false sense of security which will only increase the coronavirus death tolls.

Meanwhile after the public announced of more stricter measures by the UK Govt, there has been all kinds of confusion who the keyworkers are intended to be. Why can’t they just simply say that outside of police, health workers, grocery suppliers and distributors no one should be venturing the streets. Is that so hard, after all, India which has a population far higher are doing it. People in executive decisions are just playing with fire and most importantly people’s lives.

I turned into the Good Morning Channel today for the first time, and heard Piers Morgan speaking exactly the same language as me. I put it to the UK Govt. that they should have put him in charge of the task force dealing with the coronavirus and we would be dealing with a lot less cases than what is happening now. After all, Piers Morgan won one of the most prestigious titles of Apprentice celebrities (Season 7) when Trump was running the show.

On a sobering thought and not the one to say that ‘I told you so’, the CNN Amanpour TV showed a journalist reporting that one of the towns in Italy managed to eradicate the virus and this was done through consistent testing. Piers Morgan has been saying the same thing like me, that there has been a body of information already available in other nations and many nations are working in isolation.

Still cramped in trains with no masks and the day of lockdown.

Please see below the content of ‘Introduction’ for more daily updates.


I can confidently say that I am embarrassed and ashamed to be a UK citizen right now and I will tell you why.

Since the Coronavirus started back in January and China was grappling with the spread of the virus, stories were popping up mainly from the Asian continents of the frantic spread of this virus. Firstly, the outbreak had spread to cruise ships and then followed by cases in South Korea and Japan.

I watched with some anticipation how China was handling the outbreak and was surprised to learn that they built a hospital to accommodate 6,000 beds in 6 days! They were really taking this seriously, I thought. At that time, I had no idea that the virus was going to reach the shores of Europe and USA, I thought it will pass with time. I vaguely recollected the SARs outbreak back in 2003 where the epidemic was stopped before it reached a massive worldwide scale.

Today, it is the 19th of March and Italy has a death count from the virus that has overtaken China. Ironically, China reported it’s first day where there were no incidents of the virus. I did a quick maths. The Chinese population is 24 times bigger than Italy’s and common sense tells me that they handled the virus more effectively than Italy.

Let’s now turn our heads to UK.

About 2 weeks ago, the government of UK cautiously went about addressing the issue of the Coronavirus after they had learnt that there were already a few cases popping up. I was on my way back from abroad and was curious why the UK airport did not have any staff members measuring people’s temperatures as they came out of immigration. In fact, none of the people in the airport were wearing masks. This led me to believe that UK had a relaxed approach to this virus. Many staff members were busy talking among themselves… it was a holiday for them.

It was a few days after I came back, and I heard the government telling the public that they had some plans in place which sounded very vague. I think, it had to do with a period of uncertainty to see where this would go and then they would bring about another course of action, WHAT I thought. I thought for God’s sake, plans to wait and see what! This virus is not custom made for UK and any information to act are already available from other parts of the world like China where the virus had already advanced far.

Speed up to 2 weeks now after those vague plans were issued to the general public by the government and I can confidently say that this UK government is inept in handling this crisis. I hope people will wake up to this after the crisis is over and dismiss this government of negligence and increasing unnecessary deaths. The UK government has and continued to work in isolation from WHO (World Health Organization) and not seeking any outside help. It baffles me that a nation that has thousands of lives at stake from a pandemic that has already hit other nations chooses to work with their own isolated schedule and accord. Such arrogance and pompous nature of this Government. As a result I am going to log each day, the events that transpire from the Government’s mouths and show you how to read the lines and take better precautionary steps that this Govt is not providing.

Here is why the Government is working in isolation from the rest of the world in a crisis that requires all nations to work together. Never before has there ever been a case where the entire nations need to come together to wipe out this virus. Here is what I would have liked to hear…

“We are working with WHO and the other nations that have surpassed the peak of the crisis”

“We are allowing medical teams from China to help us understand and grapple with this virus in our own mainland’.

Some of you can understand where I am coming from and some may not. For those who do not understand my line of reasoning, let me try to explain here.

The virus goes through what we call a Gaussian curve. It begins slowly and then peaks and then drops off. The graph can be a representation of the number of people affected or those who have died from contracting the disease. Here is one important point.. the peak which can represent a number is representative of how the nation takes steps to reduce the cases, through isolation, vaccines, prevention from spreading etc. So far, in my opinion China and S Korea have handled this quite well. Remember they are at a far more advanced stage in their intake of the virus.

Based on this simple logic, we can infer some basic rationale reasoning. Any nation that has gone through the peaks and managed to keep the numbers down are worthy of emulating their actions. If China has a population 24 times that of Italy and Italy has surpassed the death count of China, Italy are omitting important facets of prevention that China has already utilized. It then makes sense they need to learn from those nations. Unfortunately, this thinking has not entered the minds of the UK Govt and almost certainly the UK is headed in the same direction as Italy.

Do you see any of those facts coming out of the mouths of the UK Government, I surely do not. They have not once addressed their understanding or acknowledgement of countries at an advanced stage of the virus and learn from them and take the necessary measures.

Update: 23rd March, 2020

7:00 pm

The Govt. is about to make an announcement at about 8:30 pm to announce further measures to make people stay in. This is in view to the many people who ignored all the repeated public notices and decided to go to parks, beaches and in cramped trains. The announcement is expected to be tough with fines for people who are found to be outside. I have one word for the whole nation, ‘Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you are fine’. You have no clue how this virus works otherwise you would stay indoors. The virus does not differentiate healthy people from infected people, it spreads through close contact and from others being infected. The fact that it has spread through wildfire should alert you to this fact’. Just today, I learnt the sad news that one of my close Aunt has passed away from this virus.

Sunday visit to the park and beaches.

Again, I will reiterate where we went wrong and where we are still going wrong. Last week there was frantic efforts for the Govt to get more ventilators. This was an alarmist reaction to the fact that the virus will take hold of people and ventilators would be needed to cure those infected. Why don’t you understand that ‘prevention’ is the key to tackling this virus, to which the Govt has failed miserably. Still to date, my nephew who is a doctor has not been tested for the virus so he can go back to work! Did none of the words from the WHO organization sink in ie. test, test, test. Since many of us namely the Govt who can’t put 2 and 2 together, let me explain, the importance of this. When you have testing gear for the people, you are doing a critical thing, you are giving people the opportunity to test for the virus. If they were found to be positive, at least they could get ready for the real medical help without overburdening the NHS. If they were found to be negative such as in the case of my sister who had to stay in isolation and hence her son (my nephew) the doctor, then he would not need to be isolated and stay in isolation. Have they not thought about these things!

I was dismayed to see that many people who were disobeying the rules to stay at home were happily going about their ways outside. They did not wear any masks of any kind especially in close gatherings such as trains. I almost get the feeling that if anyone was wearing the mask, it would be construed as that person had the virus and might get lynched, who knows! I almost felt the same way when I went shopping to Asda a week ago.

On a positive note, Italy has recorded its 2nd day of low death count, which brings a sigh of relief but the other countries need to act fast.

11:00 am

Today, on the BBC and Sky News there were talks about how the Govt was sending mixed messages to people and the reason why they were not heeding the warning. I say again to the Govt. drop all the niceties and British politeness, this is a situation of life and death. People care less about their welfare if it comes to the decision of living or dying. The Govt should do the same, they have made serious errors of judgement by first introducing this ‘herd immunity’, the consequences of waiting a week or two has probably cost more lives than usual. Again, they have delayed with school closures with the having ‘keyworkers’ be able to go in an out. Learn from India who has closed their entire nation of 1 billion people to all social contact. Sending mixed messages that some can stay and others can go to work, only sends conflicting messages. There should be absolute and unshakeable decisions made by the Govt to the people. The people of the country relies on it’s Govt to keep them safe and secure, even if it take enforcement.

Update: 22nd March, 2020

I was anxiously looking for the daily figures that were coming out of Italy on the cases and deaths. It was reported that compared to the previous day of 793 deaths, the count stands at 653 deaths. For me, that’s a relief but not sure why the media did not catch this as it is quite significant in it’s meaning. It means that the count is now decreasing which means that Italy may have just passed it’s peak. The next few days will confirm that Italy has passed the worst of it’s crisis. Although, rightfully so, the country is aggressively controlling the nationwide lockdown and seeking global support.

UK is at a count where Italy was a couple of weeks ago. Let’s pray that we are able to keep the numbers down. Unfortunately, the advise by the government to stay in and keep your distance has fallen to many deaf ears as UK folks were continuing to gather in large crowds in shops, beaches etc. Many GPs were reiterating on BBC News that it was this kind of negligent act by people that only paves the way for more deaths.

I saw a televised conference call between some New York medical school and the control for disease from the Peking Medical Center in Beijing . The group that was behind the handling of the Whuan crisis were speaking directly. Who would you guess were wearing masks? You would think that NY getting ready for the increase Pandemic would be the group, and not the group in Peking where the virus has come under control. It was in fact the other way round, with the Peking officials all wearing the mask. This signifies something strong which Westerners haven’t grasped yet. The wearing of the masks not only is designed to prevent the spread of the virus but it also shows to other people the seriousness of the crisis.

Update: 21st March, 2020

The deaths in from the virus in the Lombardy region of Italy’s has mushroomed to over 4,000. Resources are being over stretched where it just may collapse and thus not contain the virus. Chinese medical officials are being flown there to help with the Pandemic.

I saw in the CGTN (China Global Television Network) there were some online conference calls between medical professionals from the Peking Medical College and other medical groups in the USA. It’s my opinion still that some of the nations including UK are not treating this pandemic with the urgency and force that deserves.

I was flabbergasted to learn that yet again, the UK Govt was contemplating another ‘strange’ approach to handling this crisis. Basically, they are saying that in order not to overstretch the NHS resources, they would take a cyclical approach of containing the virus, relax and then do this again repeatedly over a period of 12 months, say WHAT! Again, these buffoons think they have the perfect solution in hand. Why don’t they get it into their heads, that this virus has to be stopped dead in it’s track in any which way we can. You DO NOT a wan’t a rerun of the Italy’s case where one medical professional said clearly that this virus has to stop, otherwise it will be catastrophic to the whole nation.

Absurd approach in handling the Coronavirus crisis!

Where are the test kits that WHO had said over a few days ago?

The Govt had better get off their high horses and stop relying on scientists who looks at deaths, cases as pure numbers and speculating methods of approach. This Govt. should seek out help from WHO and all other nations that have an advanced stage of the virus or have removed it altogether. B. Johnson thought he had an excellent plan and now slowly waking up to reality. Any further delays will only cost more lives Mr. Prime Minister.

Update: 20th March, 2020

2:00 pm:

The International news (CNN, Al Jazeera, RT etc) gave a snippet of news that was interesting. They showed pictures of Chinese planes that were being dispatched with medical professionals and other medical gear such as masks to some of the European countries. It is worth noting that the countries they mentioned included Italy, Germany, Spain and some other BUT not UK. Again, I reiterate my point that this UK Govt insists on handling this crisis without outside intervention because it feels it has the situation under control. Complete Hogwash! We have no masks to the public to date, no restrictions on travel, schools partially closed. You get my point. Let it be in their hands that they chose to take a relaxed view of this pandemic and blood will be on their hands.

10:00 am:

Today, the Health Minister of UK, Matt Hancock took to the TV to request that all retired medical professionals to come and help with the coronavirus crisis, WHAT! Again, I am flabbergasted with the approach of this government, I am beginning to think they work behind a silver screen. They are so out of tune with reality and all matters related to this virus on the world stage.

I have a nephew who is a doctor and can no longer help in the hospitals, because he has been in house isolation due to another household member potential who may have contracted this virus. So far, there has been no testing kits to show whether the household member has been tested positive. Let alone testing kit for the doctor who is so critical to this pandemic, instead he is passing his time, playing video games as he has nothing better to do.

So I say to Matt Hancock, get you act together. Get testing kits for the most critical resources of this country to help with the virus instead of just talking about ventilators. The WHO organization made it clear a few days back, ‘test, test, test’. Here in UK, we have nothing in place. On another point the health secretary is trying to bring retired folks back to work who are no doubt in their older age and the highest risk group.

Update: 19th March, 2020

Today, our prime minister made an announcement to the general public saying that in 12 weeks, they were going to send the Coronavirus packing! He was not clear what his new actions were in order to make this happen, instead he says to continue washing your hands and keeping a safe distance, that’s it! I think he feels he has some magic potion in hand to make all this happen.

Again, I am disappointed that the government has made no mention of tackling the virus as responsible human beings by listening and learning from the WHO organization and other nations. I know this, because not one word has been uttered by the B Johnson or his ministers on those facts. Instead they completely ignore any happenings from the rest of the world and paint a different picture to the British people. Total hogwash, if you tell me.

On another topic, I have no idea why the govt is taking it’s sweet time to close schools. In fact they are so adamant in closing schools they have introduced something called ‘key workers’. Ok, due to much pressure from everyone in the education industry, they are introducing these new measure, WHAT! I say again. You can see that the key thing to handle this virus is to prevent any individuals coming into contact with other people. Instead they are proposing to allow these workers to spread the virus. Keeping away from other individuals has been the most important factor in limiting the virus spread. The government want’s to please everyone. Hold on, in a time of crisis there is a single obvious path, save as many lives as possible, next are ALL SECONDARY.

Update: 18th March, 2020

On the news, I am hearing that the over 70s will be forced to stay in isolation and the measure is coming in the next week or so, WHAT! The isolation should apply to EVERYONE not just that group. Get it into your head that the countries that most effectively tackled the virus understood this point more.

To this date we have no kits available to the public instead the Govt goes rambling on about ventilators. I have not seen the Govt push industries to make testing kits for the general masses which are essential to identify who has the virus and move them into isolation.

Please check all my daily updates of this virus.

Keep safe and well.

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