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Van Gogh Wheat fields with cypresses painted on Galaxy Tab 2 using Paintology app


Ever wanted to create a painting of a grand master, then you can with your Android tablet and a free copy of Paintology (downloadable from Google play). Fig. 1 shows a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh ‘Wheat fields with cypresses’ created on the tablet in about 30 minutes. I don’t expect everyone to make a drawing this fast since you may not be as familiar with the tools of Paintology like I am. However, it shows how with a little effort and some patience you can start painting and drawing like this.


Help Brief – Paintology

We are delighted that you have downloaded Paintology and having great fun playing with this app! This site has been designed to help you get up to speed quickly with the app from the many instructions and courses as well as information on how to get the most out of the app. We understand that some users will have some issues related to the app and we are here to help!

Quick guide to using Paintology


The Paintology app is a fairly simple but a powerful app to use with your Android smartphone or tablets. It will allow you to create numerous drawings with the powerful tools available and extend your creativity skills. It has a very intuitive interface that takes less than minutes to get going and we have prepared a quick guide here for reference.

Head to head of free mobile drawing and painting apps – Paintology & Paintjoy


Drawing apps are becoming more popular because of the popularity of the touchscreen smartphones helped by the huge popularity of the Google Android operating system (OS). Today, Android is the number one platform for mobile units and its an astonishing achievement considering that it was launched only a few years ago and needed to compete with the well established operating systems from Apple and Nokia.

Speed drawing on the Samsung Galaxy Note with S pen and Paintology

  This painting was done using a Galaxy Note with S-Pen and the Paintology Android app and was made around 30 mins. The training shows how one can create “art” in relatively little time on your tablet or phone and in particular due to the superb interface of the Paintology app. selected a light canvas background for […]

Speed painting on the Motorola Droid using a custom made stylus and Paintology

  Now anyone can make interesting works of art on your smartphone and this video demonstrates how. The stylus I used for this is based around an anti-static material which I cut out and wrapped around the pen. I unwrapped a paper clip and wrapped the foil around the pen over the foil template. You […]

Speed painting on the Motorola Droid – a sunset

  Smartphones can be much more versatile than you think. On my Motorola Droid, I simply went to Google Play and installed the Paintology App and made my own custom stylus to produce this drawing. All you need is a little bit of patience in acquainting yourself with some of the brush tools available on […]

Finger painting with sponge on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


Today, I was fortunate enough to acquire the much talked about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which is a 7 inch tablet, and boy what an amazing product it is. The screen is incredibly sensitive and I was itching to do a painting on this tab using Paintology.

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Digital Painting – Orchard

I wasn’t particularly enamored by this subject since the original photograph didn’t look too inspiring. But what got me to do the painting was the simplicity of the subject matter and the colors of the trees, something that would add to my experience. I was pleasantly surprised with the result after completing it, it just […]