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Left hand drawing challenge – assessment after 30 days

The 30 day challenge drawing with my left hand proved not only to be a great experience but also an eye-opener. I feel that it answers some of the latent questions why some people find it hard to draw and also opens up interesting questions about creativity…

ferdouse daily challenge Day19 tiger play

Left hand drawing challenge – assessment after 20 days

My 20 day assessment of the Daily Left Hand drawing challenge has answered some of my earlier questions regarding this exercise and introduced some more questions. I am very happy to say that I am lucky to have started this 30 day challenge as it has shifted some of my thinking regarding learning a new skill. I am sure it can benefit you in whatever skills you undertake!

ferdouse daily challenge Day9

Left Hand Drawing Challenge Assessment after 10 Days

The 10th day of my left hand drawing challenge has brought about some interesting points from the experience. I am beginning to feel less and less awkward and already feeling comfortable and confident with the progress that I am making.

ferdouse left hand day5 main

Left Hand Drawing Challenge Assessment after 5 days

Left handed drawing can be tough for people who are dominant in their right hand. My daily challenge of drawing with my left hand provided some deep insights and opened up interesting questions.

Left Hand Drawing Challenge Day #4

Based on my previous last 3 days drawing, I thought I would try something different. In today’s daily challenge, I thought I would draw an apple using one charcoal pencil. This time focusing on some important features such as the water drops on the apple. Let me know what you think in the comments below. […]

Left Hand Drawing Challenge Daily 30 Days

Drawing is very stimulating and highly rewarding for me. Recently with my right arm playing up a bit, I thought I would try to work with my left hand which I have never done before. Since this provokes many questions on the subject of drawing, I thought I would make a series out of this and call it a Left Hand Drawing Challenge. You will see all my daily uploads in Youtube.