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Digital Finger Painting – a Sunset


Continuing with our last lesson on digital finger painting – mt landscape, here we are going to tackle a sunset using finger painting (fig. 1). The advantage of using fingers for drawing is that some subjects such as clouds can be easier to do then using a stylus probably due to the randomness at which our fingers moves as well as some direct control on the canvas.

Finger Painting Lesson on Huawei 4inch smartphone – Mt Landscape


No doubt there will be a large group of people who will use the Paintology app on their smartphone using their finger only. Here, I have outlined the basics of a landscape and how quickly you can produce something that is pleasing to the eye. As you get better, you can produce artwork for your friends and relative and send them a customized greeting card, the possibilities are endless!

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Digital Painting & Drawing – Mountain Landscape

Drawing mountains are a lot easier than you think. This drawing as done using the ‘shade’ brush tool of the Paintology app. The strokes allow you to build up the artwork due to the half-transparency effect of the color. Remember, digital drawing is an exciting medium like any other artist mediums. You just need to […]

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Digital Painting & Drawing – Landscapes as an important subject matter

Many beginner artists start off by picking out the subjects that they most want to draw. Such subjects may include super heros, anime, cars and other natural objects. This approach maybe incorrect for someone who is starting out first time. The last thing any budding artist wants is to become quickly frustrated at their attempts. […]

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Digital Drawing & Painting – Big boulders

In my previous post, I mentioned that drawing any subjects that take your fancy is a good way to get some practice. However, try to pick interesting subjects that are not too complex depending on your level of experience. I also find that I don’t normally spend any more than an hour on any individual […]