Carrom Game App | An intro to this hugely popular board game by Miniclip

Carrom Game App | An intro to this hugely popular board game by Miniclip

Carrom Game App | An intro to this hugely popular board game by Miniclip Loading

Carrom also known as Karrom is a wooden board game that has been very popular in the Far East. Now the game is available on your phone which is as exciting and fun…

The miniclip disc pool game (carrom board app) is an addictive game that I play regularly and enjoy very much.

miniclip download
Miniclip carrom board game that you can play and enjoy!

The app is hugely popular on the Google platform for Android gamers and is great to play on your phone.

A brief history of the Carrom board game originating from India

I use a Huawei P30 smart phone to play this game and have seen myself improving over time. The game originates from the centuries old actual board game from the Eastern continent. It is played on a wooden board that is anywhere from 2 ft x 2ft all the way to 5ft x 5ft. The actual game has plastic flat disc pools and you need to pocket them with a striker which is slightly larger and pocket the pieces in the four holds in the corner. It can be compared to pool but you use your fingers to hit the striker and pot the smaller pieces into the holes. Although the game seems easier than the pool game with billiards balls, it can have it’s own fun factor. It is ideal for beginners who are into this type of game and requires skills in understanding some of the physics of the movement of the pieces. This includes the force applied and the appreciation of reflection and striking with accuracy.

carrom board game
Showing actual board game with some rules

Playing the game on your phone

The carrom board game available online can be played on your phone and the game is just as fun as the original physical game. A big advantage of playing with the miniclip carrom board game is that you have less things to worry about. The real wooden board game is akin to all kinds of problems such as the surface quality of the wood. For example moisture can restrict it’s movements so players often add a borax powder to make the pieces flow smoothly. With the online app game, you don’t have to worry about anything like that, unless the developers introduced such kind of factors into their game.

What I found surprising and got me into this game was how well it emulated the striking force to the real thing. I was able to conduct many of the moves I would use in the real game to this actual digital carrom game. This was the reason I was drawn to this game where I would be able to execute many of the moves that I was used in the real game.

I have tried the other Carrom disc pool games but I always keep coming back to this game. The developers have really got a great handle on the physics of the pieces and how they strike with each other including the reflections from the side board. I find myself learning all the time and improving on this game play. There maybe tweaks that I would have liked to include in this game, but I think when I have played enough times, I can then comment.

My goal is to reach 1 million points and have thus put up my first video of this game on my YouTube channel. You can see the video below.

Miniclip carrom pool game demo.

I hope to bring you more on this game as I journey into my goal to reach 1 million points. Help to support me in this journey to like and subscribe to the above video. I will surely bring you many tips and tricks that you can apply to your game too.

See you soon!

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