Michaels art competition – what it means to us

When it comes to painting and drawing, many people make the immediate assumption that they simply cannot draw or paint. It is a creative process and requires natural skills, either you have it or you don’t. Unfortunately, what most people do not realize is that the creative process is inherent in everyone and natural skills are developed over time with practice. The recent Michael’s art competition which was open to the public, echoes this statement.


What is it that creates this block in some of us and never takes us to the next level and we almost always feel defeated. In my opinion, it is the very perception of something that can hold us back. Painting and drawing lends itself to creativity and so do many other art forms including woodworking, crafts, needlework etc. Everyone has creative talents within themselves and this is usually driven by a sense of purpose, passion and interest. As you can imagine, I am a regular shopper of Michael’s craft store and came across a big ad they had displayed in their store of a competition in painting and drawing open to the public.  This sparked my interest and went online to check it out. On their submissions page, they had all the paintings that were submitted thus far. By the way, the competition was closed as of 15th August and winners will be announced in the course of next few weeks. Needless to say, I was blown away by the entries that were submitted to the competition. I actually thought I was a good painter by most standards, but you become deeply humbled when you see the quality of entries here.


What struck me about the paintings that were submitted was always that feeling in the back of my mind that each painting had a deep and personal value to the person creating it. Every painting that I lingered over, I sort of conjured up a story in my mind ie. the subject matter, the choice of colors, the strokes, and what it must have meant to the painter etc. I am not sure if Michael’s store has understood what they have created…here they have opened the doors to art and creative talent that exists in our country and have done this in a single snapshot. The paintings they have gathered which number in thousands point to the very heart of we as a whole group think of art and appreciation of what is good art. I strongly recommend that you check out the paintings in the link below..


Michaels art competition


I spent hours going over the paintings and shortlisting the ones that had meaning to me, no doubt you will do the same. I was so intrigued and impressed with the submissions that I started looking for inspiration from some of these works.


If you are new to art, your perception of how you look at these works will dictate how far you want to go in the topic of art. Is this just a passing interest that only adds to your sense of appreciation and admiration of art as a whole or will the artwork spark your interest in dabbling yourself.


For me, I was looking for inspiration for my next set of paintings while studying the choice of colors, strokes that these artists have used. For many, they will puruse through the artwork and create a sense of meaning and connection with some of the works. Others may feel that the deep desire they always had to paint and draw will be even harder by the quality of work by real people just like themselves. Still, others may feel that this only gives them impetuousness to pick up their easel and have a stab at themselves. Unfortunately, perception continues to play a part long after we have seen, admired and drooled over these incredible pieces of paintings. Some may very well buy the art materials with a renewed vigor but it will only collect dust, others have a go at it for a short while until they find something else that interests them. Still others may take it all the way and become a prolific painter, who knows. At the end of the day, it’s your sense of passion, drive and perseverance that will take you wherever you want to go in life and painting is no different.

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