Make your own custom under the table keyboard holder

I will be posting some projects here that you can try for yourself and will start off by showing you how easy it was to make an under the table keyboard holder shown in Fig. 1.



make your own under keyboard

Under the table keyboard holder – easy to make



There is nothing better for the mind and soul to make something that is both practical and functional. I came up with the idea of the keyboard holder since I saw these types of contraption before and has obvious benefits, particularly when you have to do much typing. I recently purchased my first mechanical keyboard as I knew I was going to do a lot of typing and did not want to develop carpel tunnel syndrome! Anyways, the keyboard I picked was a Logitech G710+ that I purchased from ebay at a discount. I couldn’t be any happier and I knew that in order to make the most of it, it needed to be placed in a comfortable position. Luckily the desk that I had had a small thin drawer which I took out and would seat the sliding door compartment to hold my lovely keyboard. You can see the finished product in Fig. 1.


You will be surprised how easy this was to do and it took me under an hour to make and fit the whole thing. Here are the overall steps..


  • You want a piece of wood of the right size that is going to seat your keyboard.
  • I cut the wood to size on my table saw and made sure there was a half inch gap on either side to accommodate the sliders.
  • The sliders I purchased for about $6 from Lowes (14 inch size)
  • I wrapped the wood in the plastic sticker that I got for a $1 to cover the defects. I thought that would be a lot faster than painting etc.
  • I then screwed the sliders accordingly to the keyboard base
  • The sliders that go into the side of the inner compartment was positioned such that I had a comfortable height for typing



The task of putting everything together was simple as it required a handful of screws to put the sliders in place. The end product works wonderfully well and I can tuck away the keyboard when not in use. If you would like more details on how to make this, please feel free to drop a line.

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