Make drawing a fun pastime for yourself and you will never regret it

Make drawing a fun pastime for yourself and you will never regret it

Make drawing a fun pastime for yourself and you will never regret it Loading

Drawing should be fun and a joyous pastime especially for beginners who are just starting out. I show you how to draw a simple tree and improving on it. I hope you find inspiration from this tutorial as I want the whole world to enjoy this hobby as it is fun and therapeutic.

Drawings is an extremely fun pastime and can also be considered therapeutic. I would encourage everyone to take this up and you don’t need all the elaborate pens, pencils and mediums, your print paper and a pen will do. Let your imagination take you forwards, don’t focus on the fact that you can’t draw or others never appreciated your drawings. Do it for yourself and always pay attention to how your hand moves and puts ink to the paper and how the movements of your hand with the pen can make differences to what goes onto the paper.

If you have been following my tutorials, you will know that I really enjoy working with charcoals and pastels. You should also know that I also love working with dark paper and this has become my focus of late. I am now gravitating to soft pastels and not just the pencils to do some more drawings that I have in mind. I usually use a reference picture that I browse online that I find quite appealing and would do well for my drawings. I would also encourage you to look for images that you really like on the net but make sure that they are not too complicated for your skill level. You may get too frustrated soon if you pick too complex images and give up your new found hobby altogether! Work your way up from simple objects and see yourself improving as you go along. It will be a totally natural process. My second major advice apart from getting up and doing it, is to use nature for your initial drawings. I don’t mean animals or humans as such, I mean the natural landscapes all around you.

There are reasons why I choose to do landscapes and to encourage beginners to do the same. It’s because when you draw a tree, you are not replicating the whole object, such as eyes… it simply has a trunk and branches going off in various directions and maybe leaves all around it. This is a loose form of an object and you are free to use your strokes, materials to draw a tree. You are more focused on the free form drawing which you want to do at the beginning to get your bearings straight as you build on your skills. You will notice when you draw a tree for example, you may do the fundamental shape which takes only a few seconds ie. a sort of a trunk, a large balloon to represent the foliage and branches that extend from the trunk as shown in the figure.

ferdouse clipart tree

Fig. 1 Basic tree drawing, showing trunk foliage and branches

This is good if you like these sort of clip-art drawings. Who knows you could be doing cliparts of everything and be really good at it. For some of us, we would probably want to improve on this and maybe add some details. As I am writing this post, I am also doing these drawings. Now lets take this up one notch!


tree drawing tutorial - ferdouse website

Fig. 2 Tree drawing, a little improved

As you can see, the tree is a little bit improved by paying attention to some details. For example the ground is more jagged and not as smooth as the first one. I have also added other things, can you see all those? Another one, is that the branches have some body to it too. Drawing is all about paying attention to the details all around you, and a most important skill is seeing tonal values ie the blacks, grays and white which are most important to making realistic drawings.

Let’s continue to see if we can improve our tree further!

By the way, I am using Microsoft Paint for this drawing. Luckily, I have a touch screen laptop, so I can just use my fingers to draw, but you can also use your tablet or even phone.

ferdouse art website - tree clipart

Fig. 3 Improving on the tree drawing


As you can see the drawing in Fig. 3 has been improved with purely more strokes and I am not using any shading of any kind. There is some more ‘body’ to the tree drawing. These are the gradations of improvements you will see in your drawing. But as always, you need to see what you got and where you want to go. Since I have been drawing for a little while I can see where improvements are required but wanted to show you this simple example.

The important take away from this lesson is that you need to always pay attention to form, shape and tonal ranges when drawing. This is really an exercise in observations of the real world all around you.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and hope you can get into this exciting hobby and have great fun doing it.

Please feel free to send your comments and feedback below. I am always happy to hear from my audience.




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