Left Hand Drawing Challenge Daily 30 Days

So my right arm was playing up and thought it would be a good idea if I tried to work with my left hand. It’s something I have never done since I am naturally right handed. I may have attempted it a couple of times in my life just for fun but with no real intention of using my left hand for that purpose.

However, it does make sense to be able to use both of our hands, and why not. Why should we place all the burden on our right arm or left arm if we are so naturally inclined. Maybe we should train all individuals to use both arms and hands for all the tasks we tend to do daily on an equal basis. Our instinctive nature is to use one of the good hands for precision work and the other hand to assist whenever needed.

According to statistics, about 90% of the population are right handed with 9% being left handed and 1% being ambidextrous ie. with no dominant hand and can use either. I believe the 1% could be possibly too high since in my life encounters I have yet to meet an ambidextrous person.

I believe the purpose of drawing with my left hand poses very interesting questions and I am intrigued to find out how well I can progress especially if I keep it going on a daily basis. Some of these questions that arises are as follows:

  • Would I be completely lame in my drawing with my left hand much like a newbie who started out drawing?
  • Since I am fairly competent in drawing with my right-hand, does that give me a big advantage over newbies?
  • Could I ever reach the level of ability as my dominant hand and if so, how long could this take?
  • Does drawing with my left hand (less dominant) provide insights to people who are less able to draw?
  • Do the motor skills learnt with my dominant hand gets slowly transferred to my less dominant hand?

You can see that there are potentially many questions we can ask ourselves from this exercise. The answers I believe will lie in just actually doing this exercise regularly and patiently and only time will provide some of these answers I am searching for.

So, lets go ahead with the first day of this challenge….Day #1 of the Left Hand Drawing Challenge.

You can follow all my daily drawings that I will be posting to my Youtube Channel

Here is my Day #1 drawing, please let me know what your thoughts are in the form below.

Left hand drawing challenge

Left hand drawing challenge Day #1

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