Left Hand Drawing Challenge Assessment after 10 Days

Left Hand Drawing Challenge Assessment after 10 Days

Left Hand Drawing Challenge Assessment after 10 Days Loading

The 10th day of my left hand drawing challenge has brought about some interesting points from the experience. I am beginning to feel less and less awkward and already feeling comfortable and confident with the progress that I am making.

As you know I started a left hand drawing challenge 10 days ago and I thought it would be appropriate to talk about my assessment thus far. I reported in my 5 day assessment that my mind was still trying to ‘train’ the left arm and would give me an uncomfortable feeling each time I was thinking about doing a drawing, in either hand. I am happy to say that feeling is somewhat waning and I am beginning to get into the groove.

In the last two drawings I decided to use colored pencils for the work to increase the degree of difficulty. However, I am pretty confident with using colored pencils and the task was not that difficult.

The spiderman of Day 9 was an interesting one and felt more in the groove because of the subject matter. The drawing is of a cartoon like character which has a few color tones and pretty much one gradient of shading. What is interesting is how well I defined the outlines for the character and from the completed drawing I can see that I am achieving a good degree of control but not at the level of the right hand.

I noticed that some of my experience at drawing does come into action as I do a drawing and this probably helps me to progress faster than say a beginner. At what point I will get to the level of my right hand drawing, that is still hard to tell.

Ferdouse left hand daily drawing

Left hand drawing challenge, Day #9

It’s still odd that I am still clumsy when I do my signature but I do have my own theory behind this. Handwriting is very different to drawing. We start early in age to read and write and if you look at children when they draw and write, their writing skills lack their drawing skills. This is because in writing, you only have one pass at this whereas in drawing, you can always correct the shape and form. In writing, if you make a mistake it’s not the rendition of the character that you erase but due to errors in spelling etc. It will be interesting to see how long my writing ability will take compared to my drawing. I think my writing level will take longer with the way it is going.

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