Finger Painting on Digital Platforms – A new medium for creativity?

Finger Painting on Digital Platforms – A new medium for creativity?

Finger Painting on Digital Platforms – A new medium for creativity? Loading

Finger painting on digital medium is become more common due to the widespread popularity of tablets, ipad etc. Using a pen can give you precise control but sometimes using fingers can extend your creative ability.

We are all familiar with the digital tablets that are available today ie. Android and Apple tablets.

For many, they are a good medium to start drawing or just doodling. They don’t leave any mess such as paints and brushes and tablets are easily accessible when you are in the mood for some creativity. However, for many artists who are familiar with using traditional methods, the lack of tactile feedback can be a put-off. Nevertheless, the digital medium is winning many friends and people of all backgrounds are now turning to this medium to stretch their creative muscles and build some serious drawing skills.

For detailed work on say an iPad or an Android tablet, a digital pen is required to produce the fine lines for drawing on this medium. However, using your own fingers is perfectly fine for this medium and you can produce striking drawings and paintings. Without the pen, your finger has less precise control over the drawing strokes, but it can enable you to think differently ie. think of the end effects rather than the using the lines produced by the pen to build up your drawing. This is a more creative process and can lead you to think outside the box and create interesting effects in various subjects such as landscapes and portraits.

Within the last year, I embarked on a rigid drawing schedule where I decided I was going to make one drawing per day and upload this to youtube. It started when I randomly picked up pencil and paper and just started drawing. This led me to work with large canvases and create larger drawings using charcoal and pencil. Eventually, I decided to settle with smaller drawing pads and my humble pastels to produce a series of drawings each day. After a couple of months drawing portraits, landscapes and animals, I ended up with experiencing pain along my right arm. I then decided to train my left arm and turned this into a daily challenge. During a spot of travel, I came across the digital tablet and started experimenting with this and immediately went about drawing using this medium. It turned out that my original thinking was displaced as I continued to draw using this medium. I typically used a pen for making my drawings. More recently, and by accident, I experimented with finger painting. You can follow the course of my drawings on my Youtube channel and from the links below.

My drawing and painting venture has led me to this point thus far. I expect to look for more creative ways to draw including reviewing other applications, methods and approaches. Please watch this space!

Finger painting (digital) landscape

Fig. 1 Finger painting of a landscape on a Samsung tablet.



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