Drawing crystal apples with sharpie markers and colored pencils

Okay, so I gave the planet paintings a break after a few more failed attempts. It only goes to show that there is a lot to learn about this technique before I can get the right results. I am not the one to give up so easily, I just need to go back to the drawing board and come back with a fresh mind. This is what makes painting and drawing so much fun!


I really like browsing on youtube for ideas and how other artists create something of beauty on a canvas. Bob Ross was the first person I greatly admired and it was hard to believe that he could create such realism with a few strokes of the brush. Today, there are many diverse range of artistry and youtube is a perfect playground for those artists to show off their skills and works of art. One such artist that I came across recently is ‘Leonardo Pereznieto’, his style and infectious voice was simply marvelous as he showed you step by step (timelapse) of his works which you can actually follow. For this post, I selected the ‘crystal green apple’ which I thought was a great example for me to try. You can get more details of this amazing artist below…


Leonardo Pereznieto


I can imagine that anyone who embarks on a new medium such as me has pre-conceived ideas of how colored marker pens leave an ugly ‘overlap’ when you fill in the color, so one cannot get a uniform color if they tried. How wrong was I when I saw this artist using colored markers for his work, although I had my doubts and felt inspired and that was all that was needed. So I dusted off my new unopened box of sharpies that had been sitting on the shelf for too long and started out on this venture. You can see my first attempt at drawing the green crystal apple, not as exquisite as the master above but nevertheless I was pleased with my attempt.


crystal green apple drawing

painting of a crystal green apple using markers, colored pencils and charcoal


Being conservative about paper, I thought I would practice on a smaller scale using the other colored sharpie pens and produced the drawings below. The items I used are as follows:


Tone – gray paper (Strathmore)
Sharpie marker pens (fine tip, original)
Generals charcoal white


Leonardo recommends the TomDow dual brush pen markers which I thought was a requirement to get the true results since they are more expensive but I was able to get away with cheap sharpie pens! What gives the effect of translucency is in the layering that follows after you fill the green with the marker and you will be able to see this if you look close enough at the green apple example.


colored crystal apple drawings

drawings of different colored crystal apples using marker pens, colored pencils and charcoal

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