Digital Finger Painting – a Sunset


Digital finger painting of a sunset.

Finger painting can be fun and will teach you important skills needed for digital drawing. The advantage of using fingers for drawing is that some subjects such as clouds can be easier to do then using a stylus probably due to the randomness at which our fingers moves as well as some direct control on the canvas. At first, it’s a bit odd using your fingers at first as you cannot see the actual drawing being rendered on the screen unlike a stylus. However, it creates ‘intrigue’ as you drag your fingers and see the drawing unfold in front of your eyes. In a way, it adds to your creative juices as you can experiment with different colors and strokes of your fingers. One can achieve very interesting effects as you become more accomplished with the use of your fingers and the various tools that are available with Paintology.

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Have fun and happy painting!

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