COVID-19 | Poor messaging by the Conservative Party

I thought I would make another post on the COVID-19 pandemic since I could not help listening to the disappointments conveyed in the daily news and many people throughout the UK. It stems from the same messaging that the Politicians of the Conservative party has been using since the pandemic started. This is ‘Protect the NHS’.

It concerns me a great deal that they continue to use this term event up to today despite the fact that there are no reasons for using this term. However, they continue to use this slogan, even today, for example by an interview by the Sky news host with Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Another Conservative politician Housing Sec Robert Jenrick – Protect the NHS

I am beginning to paint a sordid picture of why the Conservative party chooses to use this slogan again and again.

By using this slogan, what these politicians are choosing to do is SHIFT the onus on the importance of the NHS. This allows them to deflect from their handling of the Pandemic which most will agree has been very poor throughout the pandemic.

I have indicated on my long daily log of the Pandemic on the use of the poor messaging that the government has continued to use, see post here. I am not sure why people are not seeing this like I am. For example, the fact that they had the messaging on their daily briefing which nobody argued, see Fig. 2

Fig. 2 This message is misleading and not appropriate.

I have been arguing that this message is wrong and misleading, putting more importance on an entity ‘NHS’ rather than lives. I don’t know about you, I will move heaven and earth to save lives, that should always be our first priority. Putting more importance on a health establishment over saving lives is a dangerous and misleading message. Look what happened with this thinking which they continue to propagate. The care homes were ignored, their work on track and trace took a back seat and still not fully functional. They ignored countries that put in place methods and procedures that kept their citizens death to a minimum. I could go on and on, but you best read my blog posts below.

Here is what the proper messaging should be.

Save Lives should be the biggest priority over anything else.

To add more substance to my argument, have you seen any other nations talking about protecting their health systems, NO! They are not that stupid, they know that saving lives is the primary objective and ALL their energies went into that, the fact that they were going to be overrun was given and they coped.

We have a bunch of arrogant politicians running the show and getting away with it by clouding people’s judgement that NHS needs to be protected. Whenever they come up with that statement, say ‘NO, our priority is to save lives’. However, you can guess what circular arguments that they are going to use to confuse you, ie. ‘without the NHS’ we won’t be able to cope… You get my drift!

A very disgruntled citizen who is still baffled that these people we have elected are getting away with this sham.

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