Trump Biden final debate – my verdict

I am into the close of the Trump and Biden debate and I have to confess, the debate has been cordial unlike the previous debate. The entire debate summed up the two personalities like never before and substantiates my previous account of Trump’s presidency. Here is a short summary of the kind of people that […]

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Ikea VUKU – Full build and review

Ikea VUKU portable wardrobe is ideal for storing extra clothes. It is cheap and a versatile product and I show a full build of this here.

Watch the youtube video provided on this build.

COVID-19 | Poor messaging by the Conservative Party

I thought I would make another post on the COVID-19 pandemic since I could not help listening to the disappointments conveyed in the daily news and many people throughout the UK. It stems from the same messaging that the Politicians of the Conservative party has been using since the pandemic started. This is ‘Protect the […]

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Britain’s Got Talent 2020 winner Jon Courtenay uncanny resemblance to Pitbull

When I was watching the Britain’s got talent final of 2020 over the weekend, I couldn’t help comparing Jon Courtenay to the famous singer Pitbull. The whole final was a good watch with Jon Courtenay stealing the show with his original number. I think he deserved to win as the act was completely original and […]

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Trump saving face.

The recent events and public statements by Trump have been puzzling to the public. I have a theory which I talk about in this post.