The miracles of nature – sunflowers

We all take plants for granted, and why not since it is all around us…the flowers that bloom in the neighbor’s garden, to the weeds that jets out of the concrete pavement, and the avid vegetarian gardener plucking the string beans from the foray of green leaves.   Have we stopped to think how this […]

Organize your papers, mail, receipts for just $3

Okay, I am a big fan of Michaels, Dollar Tree and other shops where I can buy the necessary items for my creative projects. The other day while I was shopping in Dollar Tree I came across these organizers (Fig. 1) which are cardboard type trays to organize your papers. It was the perfect thing […]

Why are bluetooth devices so awkward to use?

I am not sure if I speak for many of the readers when I say that I have had hit or misses when it comes to pairing bluetooth devices.     Bluetooth has been around for a fairly long time and it was back in 2004 that I actually purchased one of the miniature headset […]

Attaching a cheap and cheerful folding door – easier than you think

The other day, I found myself in an empty basement of my Uncle and Aunt’s house in NY (don’t ask me how I got here, it’s a long story). Bless my Uncle and Aunt for helping and supporting me go through some difficult times in the last year or so. Anyways, onto the topic of […]

Make your own custom under the table keyboard holder

I will be posting some projects here that you can try for yourself and will start off by showing you how easy it was to make an under the table keyboard holder shown in Fig. 1.         There is nothing better for the mind and soul to make something that is both […]

The importance of design & testing

Since is primarily an arts ad creativity site, it only holds that design is an important topic for readers of the blog. Many of you will already know that Costco had redid their milk carton design which came out about a year ago. It really baffled me that how such an important commodity as […]

2017 is going to be the year of smart wearables

We are witnessing another rapid revolution in technological advances when it comes to anything electronics such as TVs, smartphones, smartwatches. This will herald a new era in new products…

Doing as opposed to thinking – Self improvement

We all make excuses to not do something and eventually we put this off and find that we have spent more energy in the thinking than doing. There are reasons for this , which is explained in the post.

Ultra 4K TVs at such affordable prices – just wait another year

It’s just incredible but not many people are talking about the prices of Ultra 4K displays that seemed to be so cheap. Compared to prices of a year ago, the prices of Ultra 4K displays are about half or less for the same screen size. This fall in price is very surprising if you compare […]