Photo realistic drawing of a chrome sphere with reflections

Photo realistic chrome ball drawing using pencil, charcoal, acrylic, felt-tip pen on gray tone paper. I think it’s okay to try to draw photo realistic drawings provided you are not doing it pixel by pixel and I explain why.

Drawing itself is an art form – speed drawing helps you to improve

Drawing is totally fun, and if you are stumbling to make good drawings, it maybe that you are not thinking correctly about the whole approach. Here I present speed drawing to get you out of the habit of looking at too much details and expressing yourself more freely, only then will you find your approach and style.

The word honor used in the right context

The US Post Office has a greeting card that uses the word ‘Honor’ which I think has different connotations and meanings to many people like myself. I explain how another choice of word could have been better in this context..

Painting Planets – First phase of work

This post show some of my experiments with watercolors and acrylics in painting planets. The task is not easy by any means and needs a careful concoction of water mixed to the right amount and applied to canvas (wet or dry). I explored acrylics too which gives a different effect.