The link between intelligence and goals

Intelligence is a perception of someones ability in solving a problem but this only comes about by a catalyst within us which is the deep desire and want for doing something that eventually pertains to intelligence.

Watercolor – a fluid medium that allows great effects

Watercolor is not for everyone.. it has a consistency that one needs to adopt based on the type of canvas, the water level both on the paint brushes as well as the canvas. However, with good mastery, one can get amazing effects for people who are interested in landscapes and more.

What is all the fuss about the Google Chromecast Dongle?

google chromecast dongle

The Google chromecast dongle can be found everywhere. It has become a standard device for many folks in their living room and even in business. For people who don’t know what this device is or what it can do, this would be essential reading, enjoy!

Windows 10 is here – Quick Summary

Windows 10 Desktop

Windows 10 by Microsoft was just recently launched to the public as a free upgrade to their Windows 7 or Windows 8. Many of us were left with much displeasure when Windows 8 was launched back in Oct, 2012. What promised to be a revolutionary operating system turned out to be extremely clunky and unfriendly to a PC or laptop user.