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Digital Painting & Drawing – Mountain Landscape

Drawing mountains are a lot easier than you think. This drawing as done using the ‘shade’ brush tool of the Paintology app. The strokes allow you to build up the artwork due to the half-transparency effect of the color. Remember, digital drawing is an exciting medium like any other artist mediums. You just need to […]

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Digital Painting & Drawing – Landscapes as an important subject matter

Many beginner artists start off by picking out the subjects that they most want to draw. Such subjects may include super heros, anime, cars and other natural objects. This approach maybe incorrect for someone who is starting out first time. The last thing any budding artist wants is to become quickly frustrated at their attempts. […]

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Digital Drawing & Painting – Big boulders

In my previous post, I mentioned that drawing any subjects that take your fancy is a good way to get some practice. However, try to pick interesting subjects that are not too complex depending on your level of experience. I also find that I don’t normally spend any more than an hour on any individual […]

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Introduction to Digital Drawing for Traditional Artists


Many of us are inspired to do painting and drawing because we see a large body of art including painting that we find all around us. When we go to another person’s home, we are immediately drawn by their choice of artwork that they have hand picked to add a certain aesthetic beauty to their home.

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A Brief Introduction to Painting & Drawing for Beginners

If you have never done any drawing or painting before, this is a good place to start. The first thing you need to do is get any thoughts out of your head that says ‘you can’t draw’ and replace it with a good dose of enthusiasm and passion. Like any other hobbies, all it takes is a bit of confidence, lots of enthusiasm and plenty of practice.

Beginners Digital Painting Lesson – secrets to effective shading


Shading is a very important aspect of any painting and drawing, it is what brings a tree to life and gives depth and presence to any object or scenes. Paintology has the brush style called ‘shade’ that you will be using again and again for all your digital painting projects.

Beginners Digital Painting Course – Lesson 1


Before we embark on the first lesson, I would recommend that you use a pen rather than your finger as it will allow you more precise control over the drawing area than just using your finger. You can get hold of a stylus for your phone or tablet by visiting your nearest phone or electronics store.

Beginners Digital Painting Course – Lesson 2

Lesson-2 original

We will create a composition with some more details in this beginners course, lesson 2, please see fig. lesson-2-original. What we are going to learn from this exercise is to create more details by having the subject matter closer to the viewer.

Beginners Digital Painting Course – Lesson 3


For this lesson, I have picked up a painting (fig. 1) that will teach you some of the intricacies of what constitutes a landscape and should enable you to create better landscape paintings.