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Digital Painting – Orchard

I wasn’t particularly enamored by this subject since the original photograph didn’t look too inspiring. But what got me to do the painting was the simplicity of the subject matter and the colors of the trees, something that would add to my experience. I was pleasantly surprised with the result after completing it, it just […]

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Digital Painting & Drawing – Sunset by the Beach

I spent more time on this than usual and wanted to get the effects that I was looking for. I was satisfied with the final result since I managed to catch the light of the sunset on the ocean and the lights hitting the waves near the shore. What was interesting about this painting is […]

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Digital Painting – Panoramic Lakeside View

This painting reminds me of a dry colored sketch but the whole effect was created using the appropriate tools in the Paintology app. You can practice with this painting since it has all the components of landscape painting ie. perspective, clouds and use of muted colors.   Why not submit your painting that you have […]

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Digital Painting – Marshland

This was one of the earlier digital paintings that I did on my Samsung Galaxy Note. Being new to this medium I was convinced that digital paintings had a big future. However, when I scoured around on the internet I was very surprised by the lack of content in digital paintings such as this. I […]

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Digital Art & Painting – Abstract

Digital art tools such as Paintology are very easy to use and you can go far by just doodling! If you are unfamiliar with digital drawing, why not just doodle and get a handle on the tools available. There is nothing wrong with doodling, it can be an art form by itself. Check out the […]

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Digital Abstract Painting

There are incredible number of tools available at your disposal from the Paintology app and some of them you can use to create quick abstract art. The tools used here are a combination of sketch brush tools that is found under the Brush window and selecting the proper width and color. Just let your finger […]

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Digital Painting – Clouds

Clouds are always an interesting subject for painters and artists and the fact that they can take on many shapes and colors depending on the season makes it even more appealing. However, drawing and painting clouds can be one of the most difficult tasks that artists can undertake. The famous landscape artist Bob Ross made […]

Digital Finger Painting – a Sunset


Continuing with our last lesson on digital finger painting – mt landscape, here we are going to tackle a sunset using finger painting (fig. 1). The advantage of using fingers for drawing is that some subjects such as clouds can be easier to do then using a stylus probably due to the randomness at which our fingers moves as well as some direct control on the canvas.

Finger Painting Lesson on Huawei 4inch smartphone – Mt Landscape


No doubt there will be a large group of people who will use the Paintology app on their smartphone using their finger only. Here, I have outlined the basics of a landscape and how quickly you can produce something that is pleasing to the eye. As you get better, you can produce artwork for your friends and relative and send them a customized greeting card, the possibilities are endless!