Far Distant Industry

Charcoal on Paper Going by the same theme as the previous drawing, I found this online where I wanted to capture the blacks and the light shades. This time instead of using the white paper for the lighter background, I used a white charcoal. However, I could not capture the radiant light coming from the […]

Industrial Smog

Charcoal on Paper My nephew ”commissioned” me to do this drawing. It was from the cover of a popular book, where the name escapes me. He said the whole picture gave him a sense of industrialization and the modern world which he liked. Rest, you need to ask him 🙂 Download your free copy of […]

Trees in a Cold Night

Charcoal on Paper Subjects don”t always have to be complex such as this case. The stark trees with a white background gives a cold impression to this drawing which anyone can create. Download your free copy of Paintology from the Google Play store

Bridge in New York City

Charcoal on Paper Many recognized immediately the location, especially folks who visited New York City. It was an interesting subject where I wasn”t just focused on nature but also the backdrop of the gleaming tall buildings of NY city. Download your free copy of Paintology from the Google Play store

Dusk at the Moors

Charcoal on Paper As I was experimenting with charcoal for the first time, I gradually became familiar with the paper and the charcoal that I was using and was able to manipulate the shades to create the effects. This drawing was something that many have commented and liked, probably because there is some ”atmosphere”. Download […]

Mysterious Climate

Charcoal on Paper This drawing had a very white shade in the middle which depicted possibly the bright sun in the far distant. The picture had atmosphere and I wanted to capture it in the drawing. I later did the same drawings using white charcoal to highlight the fence which I will also post. Download […]

A Road to Nowhere

Charcoal on Paper This was another simple subject and something you can practice on to get more good at the perspective. Download your free copy of Paintology from the Google Play store

An Undulating Hill

Charcoal on Paper This was a very simple subject and one that I had fun with my nephews who also attempted to do the drawing. What I found interesting was that the perspective was very different in their eyes and trying to draw everything in perspective was challenging. Download your free copy of Paintology from the […]

A Muddy Snowy Path

Charcoal on Paper Again experimenting with the treescape theme, I found a photo which I turned into a drawing. Google has excellent pictures in their image section which can give you inspirations for drawings. With this one, I rubbed the charcoal into the pathway to give shades of gray while leaving the very contrasting areas […]

Top of Trees on Canvas

Charcoal on Paper I was simply practicing with drawing tress and found this interesting combination of the trees along with the canvas rings. Download your free copy of Paintology from the Google Play store