Beach Homes at the Cliff Edge

Charcoal on Paper This was another rapid drawing, where I was practicing the line strokes and trying to get a sense of imagery that I had in my mind. I ended up doing an interesting building (to the right) which is effectively embedded to the cliff edge. Download your free copy of Paintology from the […]

The Sweeping Hills of Fort

Charcoal on Drawing Paper This was done rapidly from the top of my head. Again experimenting with the charcoal medium and paying attention to perspective. Notice that simple lines coming down the hill can emphasize proportions of the whole image. Download your free copy of Paintology from the Google Play store

Valley of the Lake

Charcoal on Paper Here, I was experimenting with charcoal techniques and like you I am constantly trying to learn and try out different techniques to bring about the effects I am looking for. Notice that perspective is the key here. Incase you could not tell there is a ledge in the foreground which is gazing […]

A Cold Emerdale Morning

Charcoal/Eraser on Paper I found a drawing that I liked and wanted to see how I could emulate the whites and then I had a brainwave and picked up the eraser. I used this to create the white foliage for the trees depicting snow and the blades of grass at the front. I am pretty […]

The Meadows of High Winchester

Charcoal on Paper This was a simple subject with only a meadow with blades of grass in the foreground and one bold tree near the center. Notice the tree line that becomes bigger on the right to give it a sense of depth. I practiced this with my nephew and could relate to some of […]

A Muddy Winters Path

Charcoal (Black/Brown) on Paper I liked this shot since I was able to practice on the trees and landscapes which I like doing most. I used a combination of black and brown charcoal. Note that I restrained from using too much of the brown just to make it a bit subtle and where it mattered. […]

Amerdale Village Snow and Mist

Charcoal on Paper Again I wanted to create an atmosphere on this drawing and I think I have achieved some ground here. Previously, I wasn”t using the paper blender that came with my cheap drawing set, then it struck me that I could use it to blend. I used it here a lot. Remember, there […]

Reflections in the Moor

Charcoal/Pencil Drawing on Paper Again my aim on this drawing was to create a sense of mood and atmosphere. By the way most of my drawings are from ideas that I get by pulling images from the Google Images. A good tip is to take an image that you like and then pass it through […]

Nightfall in the Breacon Beacons

Charcoal on Paper I found an interesting technique of using rubber to create the whites, so I came up with this one. You will notice where I may have used the rubber or eraser as some countries would like to refer! Interesting enough, I can””t help thinking that the mountain tops looks like a breast […]

The Front Door of High Wycombe

This is one of the first drawings I made as soon as I came to England since my Acrylics I couldn”t bring with me on my trip. Drawing is so much easier since all you need are paper, pencils, charcoal and plenty of patience and feedback. I drew this one morning while I was sitting […]