31 Oct



Originally done in colors but I thought the black and white version looks more stark, unassuming and to the point. I have wanted to produce this drawing for a while to reflect some of my daily experiences while shuttling between work and home in the NY subway. I noticed a common theme whilst I would be traveling on the train and often counted as many as 8 out of 10 people immersed in their smart phones at any one time and unaware of their surroundings. This got me thinking about this picture I had in my head of the smartphone resting on the shoulders of the person and the head casually following it’s every command. Initially, I thought about the person cusping the smartphone like a religious relic, almost in a prayer like mode. Anyways, this was my first attempt at this and maybe I can work on it a bit more to give a better sense of what I am trying to portray.


I have tried to incorporate a symbolic meaning to all the features of the art ie. the borders and background. The original color artwork shows a green vertical border to the left and right and the blue borders at the top and bottom to signify the ‘world’ we live in. Notice, that it is ‘box’ like and not round to give a sense that mankind has harnessed the world to their advantage, it’s no longer round but square shaped that is more easily managed by man. The colors being, green as the land with blue at the top and bottom representing sky and water. The almost ‘cage’ like box inside that tapers to a distance is also symbolic. The face is bloodied and can be seen as technology finally rearing it’s ugly head on mankind. Here, I wanted to make this person feel that he is no longer in control and the smartphone is in more control. In essence, the person is trapped and going towards a virulent future that typifies a destructive or an unknown path to nothingness. One thing to note is that we as humans are still in control but the time and energy we spend on the digital devices make as meek, shallow and only to hide behind the facade of a digital profile…we only have ourselves to blame and not technology. Many of us advocate that AI (artificial intelligence) will eventually be able to control us but one cannot forget that mankind has the free will to change any of the outcomes. To me, it is not so much that AI will become more intelligent like us, but more importantly, it is the ‘effect’ that it will have on us, like now, which will lead to a significant shift in people’s thinking and behavior.


Let me know what you think and if it creates an impression on you!


4 Sep

Drawing crystal apples with sharpie markers and colored pencils

Colored marker pens have great versatility which I just learned after going through some realistic drawings that I found on you tube – Green crystal apple…



1 Sep

Painting Planets – First phase of work

This post show some of my experiments with watercolors and acrylics in painting planets. The task is not easy by any means and needs a careful concoction of water mixed to the right amount and applied to canvas (wet or dry). I explored acrylics too which gives a different effect.



24 Aug

Watercolor – a fluid medium that allows great effects

Watercolor is not for everyone.. it has a consistency that one needs to adopt based on the type of canvas, the water level both on the paint brushes as well as the canvas. However, with good mastery, one can get amazing effects for people who are interested in landscapes and more.