30 Jan

Make America a Target again

Here’s an interesting play of letters in a word. The word GREAT can be rearranged to give you TARGE. Add a T at the end and you have TARGET.
In recent events regarding the backlash of Trump’s executive order on immigration ban, we again see ourselves an open target for ridicule by the rest of the world. So it only seems apt that Trump’s original statement should read as follows…


Make America a Target again

Make America a Target again


Make America GREAT again
..should be iterpreted as…
Make America a TARGET again

So there you are, hope you like it.


12 Nov

Could it be that an entire nation just got hoodwinked by Donald Trump?

Trump to rule USA

Trump to rule USA

There have been many debates on the stunning victory of Donald Trump, our new elect-president and people here and around the world are still trying to piece together of how it all happened. A majority of the explanations are valid, for example, Hillary Clinton did not do enough in the swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.



However, I have a better explanation of how Donald Trump effectively ‘trumped’ all odds against him (sorry for the pun) and secured the most coveted position in the world ie. president of the United States.

Firstly, I want to set the records straight. The ‘riots’ occurring in California and other parts of the country have people showing utter disbelief and contempt to the outcome of the new elect president. To make matters worse, some highly visible folks from Silicon Valley are recommending that California secedes from the USA. The unfolding events of the last few days made me wonder how we all got here. I don’t advocate the riots taking place now because we live in a democratic country and a nation spoke out and backed Trump. Our current president Obama welcomed Trump to the White House and has accepted the new elect President and want’s the transition to be smooth as possible…we should do the same. Whatever discontent we had for Trump should have all been done prior to the election but people failed in that effort and they only have themselves to blame. So moving on…
Firstly, I agree on the points made in the recent Jumpdates thinktank report on Trump and his path to victory…
The article essentially illustrates that everyone underestimated the mighty engine that Trump had at his disposal and how he wooed an entire nation to rally on his side with great poise. Here, the crucial mistake made by the Clinton party was to continue to denigrate Trump and perpetuate the ‘mad dog’ syndrome to everyone with the belief that Trump is simply the most improbable human being to run for office. This may have potentially damaged the true number of voters that came out to vote thinking this was an easy win for Clinton. We will never know for sure, but the hype by the media fueled this thinking and pretty much everyone thought Clinton has this in the bag on election night. What many of us failed to realize was that Trump was strategizing behind the scenes at an unprecedented level which brought about the most amazing turnaround of events.
Hillary Clinton (a government official) was up against a ruthless and calculating businessman Donald Trump. The entire pre-election and the victory sums up the personality and character of Trump who embodies the traits of a super successful businessman. I am surprised not much attention was given to this by the public or the media.  You think Shark Tank is all about ruthless business tactics, think again, Trump will have many a lessons for them too. Trump being the master of these so called business techniques went on to show everyone including the entire world on how he can bend people to his own thinking. To truly understand what actually precipitated in the build up to the election and the monumental results achieved we need to draw a parallel between how he runs his business and how he executed this to precision during his election campaign.
Trump in a few words can be summed up as a brilliant business man and the outcome of the election only confirms this.
This piece of information about Trump was rarely discussed by the media or public but it was instrumental to his success. Let me elaborate. The definition of a successful and brilliant business man (since we have many of them in our midst) is that they all possess peculiar personalities and character that separates them from other people. They are often cool, calculating and ferociously driven people but their personality usually goes way beyond what our small minds can muster. In the real world of business, they are usually several steps ahead of everyone else including the competition. They are also masterful in conveying their ideas and thoughts that wins broad appeal with fellow colleagues. They will learn and reinvent their pitch until it is sold to the entire folks in the room. Are you beginning to see some similarity to the election?
I am afraid that many people especially the Hillary Clinton camp completely missed the voracious passion and drive that lurked under the Trump exterior. However, that front was exactly what he wanted to portray to the mass audience that USA needed change and we need it now. This is a pretty good line often used by executives to bring about change within a company. Trump effectively used all of his executive knowledge that he had garnered in the last 50 years of doing business and exercised it to a beautiful conclusion on November 8th, 2016. He can only feel proud of his most momentous achievement to date.
There is a natural parallel to the world of running a business and to what finally emerged on Nov 8th where Trump pulled off probably the biggest deal of his lifetime. The question is, was everyone duped by him? Many analysts say only time will tell. However, I can tell the whole of USA right now that the rhetoric that you heard in the run up to the election will be no more. These were all empty words to get to his most prized possession of the seat of the presidency. Smart business folks don’t think about the execution details of the grand plans that is used to win approval, it is understood that those things will be taken care of when the time comes. For these folks, nothing is set in stone, it’s a dynamic changing situation where your thinking a few days ago may become obsolete and you need to reassess and reevaluate with a different strategy. It is the hallmark of all business, sell, measure, evaluate and execute. What really matters is that are you striking the right cord in the moment of time and getting as many people as you can on your side working towards the vision. You can see a distinct parallel to what transpired in the election campaign of 18 months. Trump was completely at home in this election campaign and this was his territory to conquer.
Any business man revels in the delight of others who are taken by their ideas since they become instrumental in pushing their agenda further. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton completely lost the plot and her years of being tied to the White House pole did not tickle the fancy of many people and held tightly to the older ideals. If you were up against another politician you can pull out your old weapon but not so with Trump who is from a completely different camp. USA is where it is (sad to say) because of the brilliant minds of people like Donald Trump and we all have to wake up and learn from this. The government would not be where it is because of the dedication of business people like Trump who creates empires as well as drawing great admiration and accolades around the world. Can a business man do a good job in the oval office? I would say, it depends, mainly on their egos and how much they truly crave to change for the better, then it would be a yes. Right now, Donald Trump has the pulse with the people and he is in an enviable position to change the course of time and history.
I hope this article can bring some comfort to the people who are still bitter and resentful of the new elect president. All I can say is that Trump did what he did to get to where he is now. What he does now will not be as bad as many people would like to think but it definitely won’t be building a great wall of China or creating a supremacist race.
PS: Incase some people of the Donald Trump camp reads this, I would like to apply for the position of Technology Advisor to the new elect-President!


21 Oct

Funny dialogue on the online chat regarding fathers

This may very well dishearten you (if you are a father) or uplift you with the biting sense of humor. It came about when I was visiting websites related to ‘parental kidnapping’, don’t ask me, it’s a very long story.

Anyways, I was trying to get as much information as possible on this topic and came across this site that talks about it (Fig. 1). I was baffled that the content of the site all pointed to father’s abducting their own child from mothers but never a mention that mothers can also be culprits. I thought ‘hold on’, this is a bit biased. But then I saw the online chat popping up with someone eager to talk to me. So I had an interesting and maybe funny conversation which I thought I would post for others to read.


Fathers are the abuserss

Website that talks only about fathers abducting their child.

Fig. 1 Content of site only pointing to fathers abducting their own child but no mothers

The online conversation about fathers

The online conversation

Fig. 2 The online conversation that ensued once I was on the page with the chat feature of the site.



27 Aug

The miracles of nature – sunflowers

We all take plants for granted, and why not since it is all around us…the flowers that bloom in the neighbor’s garden, to the weeds that jets out of the concrete pavement, and the avid vegetarian gardener plucking the string beans from the foray of green leaves.


Have we stopped to think how this beautiful marvel of nature comes about and continues to coexist with mankind without once complaining? Naturally, there have been much science and research done regarding plants, how they germinate, pollinate and provide the nutrients for mankind to survive but we are likely have some hazy memories of this that we studied at school.


sunflowers - how they track sun

Sunflowers – a miracle of nature


I recently became more intrigued on this subject when I stumbled upon a news breaking story on how scientists have cracked the process of why sunflowers follow the sun. The mere idea of a flower following the sun is simply awe-inspiring and to understand the whole process is even more captivating. What the scientists have essentially found out from tracking thousands of sunflowers from their research are the following:


  1. Young sunflowers follow the trajectory of the sun by following the sun’s motion ie. rising in the east and setting on the west. Naturally, this is to ensure that they maximize the sun’s energy in the process in order to grow fast.
  2. Now you may ask, how does it keep following east to west, it must surely settle back to where it started. Of course you are right, and there is an explanation for this. What happens is that during the night, the stem of the flowers grow more at night only on the west side and as a result it moves the flower back to it’s starting point to resume another day of tracking the sun.
  3. The scientists have also discovered that older sunflowers do not track the sun at all and end up just facing east so as to be warm in the morning to attract pollinators.


So there you have it, the magic of the sunflowers and how nature has produced an amazing miracle that has been confirmed by science.


For more information, please follow the link below..